My name is Kharis Lamaliwa, a UX/UI Designer based on Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I like to do a minimalist design without leaving the functionality. I believe that a good UX/UI design based on user needs so that it can solve their problems.

I have an educational background in Geological Engineering at Gadjah Mada University. Although my educational background is Engineering. But I have an interest in the design of products, both physical products or digital products.

I always taking time to explore the work of other UX/UI designers. Usually I find it through Behance, Dribbble, Instagram, or other digital platforms. I learn how other designers try to solve problems with UX/UI design. On this website, I also summarizing some things I’ve done with UX/UI design (you can see them here).

I am also actively writing in Blogs about what UX/UI Design is. Most of my writing covers what I know and have learned from UX/UI Design and I wrote it in Bahasa. Enjoy~