Hello World!

Hello World!

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Kharis Lamaliwa
·Jun 4, 2022·

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This is the first post here. I tested it if the site is running perfectly. Everything seems to have gone well. I think.

Not much I can tell in this first post. BUT! Recently I’ve been busy studying product management and UX/UI Design. Maybe this site will contain writings about the things I learned.

Wise people always say, to know something, read a lot and find out. But to let it be in your head, then write what you are reading.

Maybe that’s one reason I dared to write on this site. Even though I know I’m not an excellent writer. But I read a lot of articles from Victoria Lo which discuss her blog tips. I’m a little inspired. I hope I can continue to do this consistently.

I know it’s a long journey, so I don’t need to run. I just need to go step by step and enjoy every inch of this writing journey.

Finally, thanks for reading, and have an enjoyable weekend.

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